MyTwinPlace is a global community made up of more than 35,000 travellers who share their homes safely and without exchanging money.

Thanks to a collaborative platform, MyTwinPlace members host other travellers in their own home when it is available, and are later able to enjoy free accommodation when they travel. Unlike with the traditional home exchange model, it is not necessary for families and dates to coincide, thanks to the convenience and flexibility of the points system that MyTwinPlace has developed with the help of expert economists.

MyTwinPlace is revolutionising the way millions of people travel, lowering the cost of their holidays by a tangible amount. It is estimated that more than 50% of the total cost of travel is spent on accommodation. Furthermore, although holiday rental websites offer more space than a hotel, they still involve a financial cost and a patent legal risk. MyTwinPlace is a natural extension of the holiday rental boom, offering free accommodation to travellers thanks to a more collaborative consumption model.

Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.