How much you should ask for to transport an item

How much should you ask for to transport an item?

Transporting stuff between individuals (also called “crowdshipping”) is experiencing an unprecedented boom. As pioneers with PiggyBee in 2012, there used to be only 3 or 4 “serious” competitors. As from today, not one week goes by without discovering a new player. More and more people are shipping items for each other, either locally and over longer distances, or even internationally (our specialty). Generally speaking, travelers (the ones transporting the objects) get a tip, allowing them to cover their trip expenses and make a little extra on top. In addition to rendering a service, PiggyBee wants to stick to the principles of sharing and cooperation and offer the possibility of rewarding the traveler. The reward can be practical (such as transportation from the train station or airport) or simply "cool" (rewards such as a tour, a drink, a meal or a night’s stay).
This reinforces the community aspect of our platform .

After several years of experience, we can’t help but admit that money is what makes the world go round! At PiggBee, we dream of a more cooperative world. However, we all need to fill our plate and many users ask us what sort of tip they should give to potential travelers. (in order to incite them to transport their precious items) We could base our prices on traditional transporters's rates, but shipping between individuals offered by PiggyBee is so different! Indeed, we provide: door-to-door delivery, the option that you may have some item bought (which a regular carrier would never do) plus hand to hand” delivery by a trusted third-party, somehow like it would your own friend!
(Now watch the opposite : )


Back to our shipping rates! Some of our competitors offer complex calculations. We think that crowdshipping is so new that it’s hard to rely on large statistics if any. We believe the best way to answer the question is by asking you!

Based on initial feedbacks, our long experience with PiggyBee and some expertise in the logistics business, we've made the table below (strictly for informational purposes!).

What do you think? Do these figures seem right to you? Are there enough criteria?
Whether you’re already a PiggyBee user or not, how much would you ask for to transport an item?

We need your opinion! So feel free to comment below!

(And if you want to earn these amounts by rendering a service, don't forget to share your next trip on PiggyBee)

Update 10/02/2016
Lower local rates

Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.