Clearly Vision Prize

PiggyBee Reaches The Clearly Vision Prize Semi-Final Round to compete for a share of the $250,000 USD prize.

PiggyBee has been selected as a semi-finalist in the inaugural Clearly Vision Prize, a global competition for entrepreneurs to tackle the number one unaddressed disability in the world – poor vision.

PiggyBee will now compete alongside 36 other entrepreneurs and innovators for one of five spots in the final, vying for part of the $250,000 USD of seed funding and mentoring to accelerate the best ideas.

The Clearly Vision Prize is part of a unique and innovative year-long campaign - called Clearly - spearheaded by James Chen, a Hong Kong-based philanthropist and investor. With one in three people globally lacking access to eye care, Clearly seeks to address the challenges brought about by poor vision and accelerate a revolution in eye care.
The Clearly Vision Prize aims to gather creative solutions from entrepreneurs, technologists, supply chain experts, data scientists and forward thinkers – including drawing upon innovation currently used in other areas - to help the 2.5 billion people around the world suffering from poor vision, who have no means of improving it.

The Clearly Vision Prize aims to focus on providing solutions across the following areas:
Improving reliable detection – regardless of where people live, their age or gender
Using technology for training - to identify the conditions that lead to poor vision
Enhancing supply networks – to give access to basic solutions like glasses
Harnessing insights and data – to help eye care providers work more efficiently

James Chen, Founder of Clearly, commented:
“I have been overwhelmed and inspired by the ideas submitted to The Clearly Vision Prize. It really does show that on the digital era, the world has the ideas and the technology to crack this challenge and transform access to sight around the world. Good vision empowers and transforms lives on every level. it is astounding that, 700 years after spectacles were invented, billions of people in the developing world still do not have access to something as seemingly simple as eye screening and a pair of glasses. We can and must overcome this.”

Five finalists will be selected in mid-September and invited to ‘Clearly 2035’ -  a global event where the most brilliant brains in the world will come together in one place at one time to create solutions to help the whole world see.

About  Clearly

Clearly is a global campaign focused on helping the world to see.

There are currently 2.5 billion people in the world that have poor vision and no means of improving it. It is the number one unaddressed disability in the world.

Clearly is a year-long campaign that seeks to inspire talented and creative minds to solve this problem that the world has forgotten about – and help the world to see.

Launched in April 2016, Clearly focuses on three core pillars:
An 'ideas' competition for entrepreneurs
A series of ‘Clearly Labs’ challenges, for companies who have the ingenuity and the heart to aim as high as possible to help find the answers
A unique, global event with a small group of the world’s best and most creative brainpower in one place to develop the big idea

The campaign has garnered the support of a number of Champions, including:
Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of eyewear brand Warby Parker, and former director of charity, VisionSpring
Brian Doolan, CEO of The Fred Hollows Foundation, focused on preventable blindness in developing countries
Dave Gilboa, co-founder and co-CEO of eyewear brand Warby Parker
Sir David Tang, entrepreneur and founder of Shanghai Tang

Sir David Tang, Champion of Clearly, commented:
"Access to good sight should not be a luxury. Yet, 2.5 billion people are still forced to go without clear vision. Radical new thinking is necessary to rectify this.  The Clearly campaign is a catalyst for this, and will sharpen the sights of millions.”
Please click here for more information and to view the Clearly film:

About James Chen
Born in Asia, raised in Africa and educated in Europe and the US, James Chen is a venture philanthropist with a global outlook.
He is founder of his family office Legacy Advisors Ltd, Chairman of Wahum Group Holdings, a third generation family-owned manufacturing business, and founder of the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, which has a focus on early childhood literacy, library development and education enhancement.
James is the founder of Adlens, a global enterprise leading the development and sale of adjustable focus eyewear, and the founder of Vision for a Nation Foundation, a UK charity that supports emerging nations to provide nationwide primary eye care and affordable glasses to all their citizens.
Clearly is the culmination of James’ 12 year journey to improve universal access to eye care.

Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.

Crowdsourced Logistics

This is an update from our 2015 post


Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.


MyTwinPlace is a global community made up of more than 35,000 travellers who share their homes safely and without exchanging money.

Thanks to a collaborative platform, MyTwinPlace members host other travellers in their own home when it is available, and are later able to enjoy free accommodation when they travel. Unlike with the traditional home exchange model, it is not necessary for families and dates to coincide, thanks to the convenience and flexibility of the points system that MyTwinPlace has developed with the help of expert economists.

MyTwinPlace is revolutionising the way millions of people travel, lowering the cost of their holidays by a tangible amount. It is estimated that more than 50% of the total cost of travel is spent on accommodation. Furthermore, although holiday rental websites offer more space than a hotel, they still involve a financial cost and a patent legal risk. MyTwinPlace is a natural extension of the holiday rental boom, offering free accommodation to travellers thanks to a more collaborative consumption model.

Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.


MyTwinPlace es una comunidad global de más 35.000 viajeros que comparten sus casas de forma segura y sin intercambio de dinero.

Gracias a una plataforma colaborativa, los miembros de MyTwinPlace hospedan a viajeros de la comunidad cuando tienen disponibilidad, para luego disfrutar de alojamiento gratis cuando viajan. A diferencia del clásico modelo de intercambio de casas, no es necesario coincidir con la misma familia, ni en las mismas fechas, gracias a la comodidad y la flexibilidad del sistema de puntos de viaje que MyTwinPlace ha desarrollado con expertos economistas.

MyTwinPlace está revolucionando la forma de viajar de millones de personas reduciendo de forma notable el coste en sus viajes. Se estima que más del 50% del gasto total en viajes se deriva del alojamiento. Además, las webs de alquiler vacacional ofrecen más espacio respecto al hotel pero continúan suponiendo un coste económico y un riesgo legal evidente. MyTwinPlace es una extensión natural del boom del alquiler vacacional, sin coste de alojamiento para el viajero, a cambio de un consumo más colaborativo.

Emprendedor y viajero del mundo, David Vuylsteke es el fundador de PiggyBee.


MyTwinPlace est une communauté globale composée de plus de 35 000 voyageurs qui partagent leurs logements de façon sécurisée et sans échange d’argent.

Grâce à une plate-forme collaborative, les membres de MyTwinPlace hébergent d’autres voyageurs membres de la communauté lorsque leur logement est libre pour pouvoir se loger gratuitement à leur tour lorsqu’ils voyagent. A la différence du modèle classique de l’échange de maisons, il n’est pas nécessaire d’échanger avec la même famille ou aux même dates, grâce à la commodité et à la flexibilité du système de points de voyage que MyTwinPlace a développé avec l’aide d’économistes émérites.

MyTwinPlace est en train de révolutionner la façon de voyager de millions de personnes en réduisant nettement le coût de leurs voyages. Le coût de l’hébergement a été estimé à 50% du budget total d’un voyage. De plus, si les sites de locations de maisons de vacances offrent plus d’espace qu’un hôtel, ils continuent à représenter un coût économique et un risque légal évident. MyTwinPlace est un prolongement naturel du boom actuel du marché des locations de vacances, sans coût d’hébergement pour le voyageur, grâce à une consommation plus collaborative.

Entrepreneur et globe-trotteur, David Vuylsteke est le fondateur de PiggyBee


Tripndrive, vous connaissez ?

La veille d’un déplacement vous vous demandez souvent comment vous rendre à l’aéroport sans faire appel à un proche… mais malheureusement vous finissez toujours par le solliciter. Vous en avez assez et aimeriez bien vous y rendre par vous-même. De même à votre retour, retrouver votre voiture au parking de l’aéroport serait idéal. Seul problème, c’est bien trop coûteux !

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Soyez rassuré, votre voiture est assurée tous risques par notre partenaire Allianz ! Ainsi, en cas de pépin tout est pris en charge. Le plus ? Que votre voiture soit louée ou non, le parking reste gratuit !

Mais le stationnement gratuit ne se limite pas qu’aux aéroports, Tripndrive possède plus de 45 parkings en France dont des parkings de gares et centre-ville.

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Entrepreneur et globe-trotteur, David Vuylsteke est le fondateur de PiggyBee


Comment faire pour aller à l’aéroport ? C’est bel et bien la question que tout le monde se pose. Vous regardez le temps de durée du trajet sur votre smartphone mais vous n’êtes jamais rassuré. Une grève, un retard, un chauffeur de taxi pas très aimable. Tous les ingrédients sont réunis pour vous faire stresser et vous mettre de mauvaise humeur avant que vous soyez tranquillement allongé sur votre Hamac et nous vous comprenons. C’est pourquoi notre offre permet de débuter des vacances en toute tranquillité.

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Entrepreneur et globe-trotteur, David Vuylsteke est le fondateur de PiggyBee