International Shipping

From "international consolidation" to "parcel forwarding companies for international shoppers", there's many offers out there (we've listed some of them below). These allow you to order online in the US. The goods will arrive in their warehouse and they'll ship to your address.

Instead, we'd like you to consider crowdshipping.

International Shopping

"Package consolidation" (as they call it) might be time consuming. You need to wait for the parcel to get there and then, be shipped by a second courrier. Worst, things might not be cheap as you'll pay for an international delivery to your place.

Using crowdshopping, we'll connect you with a traveler. He'll buy the product for you (whether online or from a physical store) and bring it to you. All of this for a fraction of the cost!

If you want to purchase something from abroad or simply give it a try, join our social shopping community.

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Delivery to a non-governmental organization

Sometimes we find requests that really need collaboration between people. As PiggyBee is basically aiming at connecting people in order to help each other, we have decided to put forward this NGO request from Benjamin. Indeed, he needs travelers from Addis-Abeba (Ethiopia) to Brussels !

Let's meet Benjamin :

• Who are you Benjamin ?

I’m a staff member of the NGO Fracarita Belgium.

• What do you do in NGO Fracariat Belgium ?

We are the non-governmental organization for development cooperation of the congregation “Brothers of Charity”. We support services for mental health care, education and care for persons with a disability in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

• What is your request on PiggyBee ?

In July I was in Ethiopia to prepare our awareness raising and fundraising campaign in schools and institutes in Belgium. The profit of this campaign will go to a new project for children and youngsters with a mental disability in Yirgachaffe (Southern Ethiopia). In our campaign we explain the challenges and needs of this target group, but we also want to introduce our benefactors to Ethiopian culture, including coffee culture. To make it more tangible, we decided to take some large empty Ethiopian coffee bags to Belgium so that we could give one to each school or institute that supports our campaign. We were able to take 70 bags with us on the plane to Belgium, but 30 are still in Addis Abeba. 

• Why do you choose PiggyBee ?

Sending them by a parcel service would cost us a lot, and would reduce the profit of our campaign. We are hoping that a traveler could help us to bring the remaining bags to Belgium via PiggyBee before the end of this year. Thank you on behalf of the children and youngsters we are supporting in Yirgachaffe !

So if you can help Benjamin, please do not hesitate to post your trip on this route ! 

Pourquoi partir en vacances la semaine est-il le bon plan de l'été ?

Connaissez-vous le principe du Midweek ?

D'origine anglaise, le mot "midweek" signifie "milieu de la semaine". Il est essentiellement utilisé dans le secteur du tourisme pour désigner la période creuse dont souffrent certains propriétaires de gîtes de vacances. En effet, comme il y a une baisse de fréquentation en semaine, le principe du "midweek" est de proposer un séjour de 4 nuitées du lundi au vendredi pour combler ce vide. Ce concept, encore peu connu, offre de nombreux avantages, notamment parce qu'il permet de profiter d'un séjour plus long qu'un week-end et ce, au même prix ! est une plateforme dédiée exclusivement à ce concept et propose uniquement des séjours en semaine du lundi au vendredi, à moindre frais. En optant pour ce principe, vous pourrez donc partir cet été et soulager votre portefeuille. Midweeks propose des dizaines hébergements à travers trois pays. Effectivement, le site s'est spécialisé dans les Ardennes, belges, françaises et luxembourgeoises. 

Voici un des endroits proposés, il s'agit de « l’Albizia » à Libin avec sa belle piscine et son espace well-ness pour un séjour détente assuré : 

Si vous réservez un midweek pour cet été, c'est encore plus avantageux. Certains gîtes participent à l'action "Summer Midweek", avec des réductions supplémentaires et des avantages comme des places de kayaks !

In jail because of a chocolate package delivery !


This is Alex's story, a young American architecture student who wanted to spend his holidays with his girlfriend in Paris. 

While booking his flight to Paris, Alex heard about PiggyBee, a crowdshipping community, on which he could post his trip and therefore save money. In love with the sharing economy, he decided to post his trip on the platform and realized he already had "matches" (=people requesting stuff to be transported on this route) ! Indeed, someone wanted to get chocolates shipped to Paris ! They both spoke about it through PiggyBee's online messaging system and agreed on a meeting point + a reward he could get.

Alex and his girlfriend calmly took the plane to reach France. When the customs asked him what he was carrying, he said "chocolates". However, Alex didn't take the time to check the content and he was suddenly stricken with fear ! Customs drove him to the custom station in order to check everything, and Alex started to think about the worse. What if this delivery turns sour ? When they opened the package, the customs discover Jacques Torres' delicious chocolates. Safe, Alex had the right to meet again with his girlfriend. They can now deliver these chocolates and laughed hard and loud of this story about "the French guy and his famous chocolates". This was a close call ...

This story has been truly invented but we always advise you, of course, to check a package content and to refuse item on which you would have some doubts. For any further information, please don't hesitate to read our Trust & Safety guide.

Currently student at EDHEC Business School, Basile Bedelek is Community Manager & Business Developer for  PiggyBeea startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.

En prison pour avoir transporté un carton de chocolat !

C'est l'histoire d'Alex, un jeune étudiant américain en architecture qui voulait passer des vacances avec sa copine à Paris. 

En réservant ses billets d'avion pour Paris, Alex entend parler de PiggyBee, une plateforme de livraison collaborative, qui lui permettrait d'économiser une partie de son billet. Fervent supporter de l'économie de partage, il décide de poster son voyage sur la plateforme et se rend compte qu'il a déjà un match ! Quelqu'un aimerait transporter des chocolats vers la France. Ils rentrent en contact et conviennent des lieux de rendez vous et du paiement via la messagerie de PiggyBee.

Alex et sa copine prennent tranquillement l’avion en direction de la France. Lorsque les douaniers lui demandent ce qu'il transporte il répond un carton de chocolat. Mais Alex n’a pas pris le temps de vérifier le contenu du paquet et est soudain pris de panique ! Les douaniers l'emmènent alors au poste pour faire un checking et Alex se met à imaginer le pire. Et si cette livraison entre particuliers tournait au drame ? En ouvrant le carton, les douaniers découvrent des délicieux chocolats Jacques Torres. Soulagé, Alex est autorisé à retrouver sa copine. Ils vont maintenant livrer ces chocolats au demandeur avec qui ils vont boire un verre et rire de cette histoire, quelle belle frayeur !

Cette histoire a été purement inventée mais nous vous conseillons bien évidemment de toujours vérifier le contenu d'un colis et de ne jamais accepter le transport d'un objet sur lequel vous avez un doute. Pour plus d'informations veuillez consulter notre Charte de sécurité et de confiance.

Etudiant à l'EDHEC Business School, Basile Bedelek est Community Manager et Business Developer pour PiggyBee.

Secure payment

PiggyBee makes available to its users a secure payment module.

Within our online mailbox, the requester and traveler discuss the amount of the tip.
In the event of an item to be purchased (= an item that the traveler must buy on behalf of the requester), the requester specifies the purchase price.

Through the secure payment module:
- The requester sets the total amount (tip + potential purchase price).
- PiggyBee will add a 10% commission. This allows us to cover our operational costs. This fee has to be paid by the requester.
- The traveler accepts this amount.
- The requester pays the total amount by credit card through our partner Stripe.

Stripe is an American company specialized in the international management of payments via the Internet for individuals and professionals.
Stripe is already the payment provider for well-known services such as Facebook, Deliveroo, Lyft or other online marketplaces such as TaskRabbit.
At no time will PiggyBee have access to confidential credit card numbers nor will it keep them in its own database.

- The amount is locked in until the actual delivery of the item (In the event of an item to be purchased, the traveler advances the purchase amount in his own funds. However, he has the guarantee of being reimbursed in that this amount was locked in.)
- The traveler confirms the delivery.
- Unless disputed by the requester, the traveler gets his tip paid and is reimbursed the potential amount of the purchase (through a bank wire transfer).

Entrepreneur and traveler, David Vuylsteke is the founder and CEO of PiggyBee, a startup that connects people who want to move items across the world with travelers who can help.

Beveiligde betaling

PiggyBee stelt aan zijn gebruikers een beveiligde betalingsmodule ter beschikking.

Aanvrager en reiziger bespreken de fooi binnen onze online berichtendienst.
Voor een aan te kopen object (= een object dat de reiziger moet aankopen voor rekening van de aanvrager), preciseert de aanvrager de aankoopprijs aan de reiziger.

Via de betalingsmodule:
- De aanvrager stelt het totale bedrag vast (fooi + eventuele aankoopprijs).
- PiggyBee voegt hieraan een commissie van 10% toe. Deze commissie dekt onze werkingskosten. De kosten zijn ten laste van de aanvrager.
- De reiziger bevestigt dit bedrag.
- De aanvrager betaalt het totale bedrag via kredietkaart via onze partner Stripe.

Stripe is een Amerikaans bedrijf gespecialiseerd in het internationale beheer van internetbetalingen voor particulieren en professionelen.
Stripe verzorgt al betalingen voor gerenommeerde diensten zoals Facebook, Deliveroo, Lyft en marktplaatsen zoals TaskRabbit.
PiggyBee beschikt op geen enkel moment over de vertrouwelijke kredietkaartnummers en bewaart deze niet in een eigen databank.

- Het bedrag blijft geblokkeerd tot de effectieve levering van het object.
(Als het een aan te kopen object betreft, betaalt de reiziger het aankoopbedrag vooruit met eigen middelen. Hij heeft evenwel een terugbetalingsgarantie aangezien het bedrag met dit doel geblokkeerd blijft.)
- De reiziger bevestigt de levering.
- Behoudens betwisting door de aanvrager, wordt de fooi aan de reiziger betaald en wordt het eventuele aankoopbedrag door middel van een bankoverschrijving terugbetaald.